Noodle Bar + Arcade

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Breaking the Noodle Scene

CRYBABY Noodle Bar + Arcade was born of a passion for bringing quality restaurant experiences to the local downtown community through generous helpings of ramen bowls and sake.

The Identity we created for CRYBABY was unique, and a bit aggressive. This restaurant is positioned to scream of anti-establishment 90's punk rock, while gesturing to downtown Tokyo influences.

Touch Point Consistency

While the brand identity is geared toward being memorable, most collateral pieces we designed, are focused on being consistent. The CRYBABY mark itself is never mutilated or changed drastically outside the brand's concise color palette, and supporting graphic elements are kept to a minimum.

This enforces the mark or logotype as the predominant feature of all brand touch points– an important strategy for a restaurant breaking through a crowded downtown scene.

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