Soup Bases Loaded

Covering Their Bases

Brand Identity Design
Sample Labels
Web Design
Product Photography
Sales Collateral

Functional Digital Presence

Soup Bases Loaded is an industrial food manufacturer that specializes in B2B recipe development, designed to scale.

We updated the SBL brand identity, and expanded it to create a functional website for their clients.

Soup Bases Loaded has been developing custom, industrial recipe solutions for over twenty years. They have empowered hundreds of businesses by helping them bring quality products to their loyal customers. The SBL R&D team creates cost effective recipes with low minimums.

Attention to Detail

The team at Soup Bases Loaded wanted to pay special attention to the collateral and samples that their team leaves behind.

We built out a full portfolio of sample labels, tear sheets, and collateral that enable each piece to be an impactful touchpoint. These labels, and wraps set the SBL team apart by from their competition by living out their value of attention to detail and personal touch.

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